I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Self proclaimed Messiahs, A letter for you!

Dear trumpet blowers of liberation,

Please ignore us. The wails against veil, laments for liberation, fetishism with feminism and jeremiads of moral judgements. It's high time you realised, none of it, is any of your business.

Have all global issues ceased to exist? Poverty, health problems, financial crisis, Global warming and climatic changes. Why are they not pertinent enough for your attention?

Why this obsession with oppression? 
What makes you feel we are in need of your salvation? 
Necessitating a protection which holds and passes all judgements on the presence or lack of a piece of cloth.

Some monsters in India decide to rape one of us and every argument boils down to what the victim wore. (Much respect to Khap Panchayat by the way, they at least blamed chowmein and fast foods for such crimes)

A country like Saudi Arabia obligates Hijab on all it's females as a means of 'protection'.

France decides to leap ahead in this 'race of protection and freedom' and banned Burkini recently. The Mayor justifying it as a 'measure to ensure protection from terrorist attacks and ensure hygiene on the beaches'. 

And yesterday, ISIS decided to ban burqa. Islamic state deems Hijab as a security problem in Iraq. Read Here

How very supreme of you all! 
All problems and solutions are, according to you, concealed in this little cloth piece. A mighty magical wand? 

Lecherous men, increasing crime rates, lack of education, intolerance, are obviously by-products of the menace caused by women and their illustrious 'clothes'. Isn't it? 

If only your reason gifted mind could 'discriminate' let alone identify us beyond our outward appearances.

We are bone and flesh too. I understand, it's hard to digest that a clan you glorified as 'distressed damsels' since time immemorial can be anyone more except a dumb-mute puppet of your propagandas but frankly my dear morons, we too are in possession of a sensible mind. 

Do us a favour, will you? Shun your illusions and idee fixe and make peace with the above stated fact. 
For once, let us just take our own decisions and decide what we want to wear. How we want to conduct ourselves. Our choices.
Burkini or swimsuit. Hijab or hair. Skirt or sweatshirt is for my body and that needs neither your safeguarding nor concerns. It was/is/will be never your property. No matter if it's France or Iran.

Stop hiding your libido behind pseudo-intellectual concerns of liberation. We have known you long enough and know this, we loath such care more than your carnality.

If only you would have burdened your soul with a little self control, banning or baring would have been less fascinating to you.

And did I hear you say, 'but we intend no harm?' If you can't support your daughter's decision to study further. Your sister's male friends. Your wife's difference of opinions and your working mothers, then better shut up your false cries of freedom, protection or liberation. 

The very sight of you now seems destructive to our independence.
Your mighty egos have suffocated our bosoms and souls long enough. As if patriarchy was not enough already.  Please spare us the horror of sabotaging our basic rights of freedom.

If the popular belief that you are inhabitants of Mars and we are from Venus is true, then how desperately I desire that now has the time come, we go our separate ways. Life on Earth is more about morality rather than humanity, all thanks to you! 

That would be freedom. Liberation. Honour. Justice. Redemption.

confined by your existence
We, Women.


  1. Powerful. Hope the Messiahs listen. But they won't, can't. They are deafened by their own noises.

  2. Deference to article author, some good selective information.