I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ours was another story.

Sometimes we get possessive of our dreams. At other times our dreams possess us.

Ours was another story

You have been a dream I wandered with in the night and then carried preciously in the innermost chambers of my heart each day.

Night after night I untangled you more, uncovered you sheet by sheet, held you bit by bit and as soon as the day fell, I just stealthily tucked you away in the most intimate part of my soul.

On a fateful moonlit night I had reached the verge of ecstasy and intimacy, grabbing you voraciously, certain of you being a reality when the day broke. This was unexpected. I couldn't decide if today was the day you should be revealed to the world.
So I lay in my sleep, still pondering, confused and dazed. Dawn was arriving at a lightening speed, my mind too was travelling a zillion rounds each second but I wasn't sure. 

Finally I decided to keep you safe and mine for a day more.I kept you within. Impulsively in the deepest shelf of my self this time. So deep that I had never tread that depth before.

The feeling of you residing there was indeed divine. I could feel your light all day. Making me passionately wait for the night to fall. 
And night did turn up, though a little late for my impatient wait. Moon and stars accompanying it as usual.It was my time to live with you, wander to the stars and back. I knew the search for today was deep. Too deep.

I closed my eyes and began to find you. Moments kept passing, stars incessantly flickering, waiting for us to possess them but Alas! I was not able to find you. Try after try, innumerable tries each moment but to no avail.

Could you be gone? No! No! This cant be. Then what? Were you lost?
Losing you would mean losing myself. So how can you be ever lost in me? This possibility was also rejected. Then where are you? A game of hide and seek is it? But lovers don't play such heart wrecking games.

I had known you too long, too deep and too much to not know where you should be in this part of the night. I was your breath and existence, you couldn't part away. I consoled myself.

The night was walking away fast, it didn't care of my plight. I had to find you before this night met the day or else you would be gone forever.
Oh God! This is a cruel game.

Without losing hope, I closed my eyes again and sleep took me in her arms. She was our mutual connection and her arrival was a positive sign.

As sleep cradled me in her arms for a long time, I felt someone fondling with me. Ah! The familiar touch on my skin. This scent of heavenly passion could make me kill.
She touched my eyes, then my lips, neck, chest in a familiar manner as I lay still. Finally, when the passion of separation reached its zenith I clutched her ever so tightly.

Where did you go? I shouted into her.

'To become your reality' she whispered.

 And the sun emerged.

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