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Monday, May 21, 2012


Being a BHMS student, the course of usual conversation with relatives, acquaintances and at times random strangers is some what like this :

They – What are you doing? 
They – BHMS? Now whats that?
Me – Its bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery
They – (utterly astonished) homoeopathy? ( As if I told them I sold fruits in the nearest market)
Why did u choose homoeopathy? :-/
Will you be even recognized as a doctor? What is the duration of the course, 2 yrs? (Did I even answer that?)
Why didn’t you opt for Dental or Ayurveda instead? (Like it would have made any difference to their life!)

And an endless string of (pointless) questions bombard on me till the topic of our conversation somehow feels guilty of its birth and attempts suicide or is lets say, murdered!

What surprises me is when these so- called well wishers of mine don’t even know what BHMS stands for, the duration of the course ( leave aside the amount of hard work a qualified homoeopath puts in), nearly half of them have never tried a single homoeopathic remedy. Who on earth gave them the right to demoralize or look down upon the system I proudly plan to practice?

Their 'sympathetic minds' are too stubborn to accept that homeopathy is much more that 'peddling white pills' and false claims like there exists no scientific proof of this system of medicine is totally baseless.
I wish I could explain their 'reason gifted' minds that the white pills are simply a medium to carry the medicine which is usually a liquid proved on healthy humans, and not just once but the efficacy of it has been established by proving it a dozens of times. Making homeopathy a science so unique and advanced.

Also bring to their knowledge that a 200 year old system couldn’t have survived so long simply on sugar pills. What homoeopathy talked of 200 years ago, the modern medical science struggles to prove today.

From nanotechnology to molecular injections, we are coming to the era of micro dilutions which is precisely the underlying idea of homoeopathy.

As Arthur Schopenhauer has said:
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident".

Its been aeon's that homeopathy has continued to be ridiculed and violently opposed. But we hope that now is the time. Until then homeopaths all over the world would continue to heal and cure.
After all ‘The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed’. (aphorism 1- Book of Organon, written by Dr. Samuel Hanhemann, founder of homoeopathy) .

PS : This article has originally been written by me for my college magazine.
 PPS: This is also the 1st post of the series I will be writing on my blog to create awareness about HOMOEOPATHY for the 'ignorants and freelancer conjectures'  !!
your support will be highly appreciated and your queries are welcomed :)

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  1. S S,

    I have seen such persons who say so about Homeopathy ask a relative or friend who is practicing Homeopath for cure of some long time ailments. Only drawback in this science is that there are too many self proclaimed amateur Homeopathic doctors. There should be an association like IMA or MCA for this also to give registration certificate to all doctors of this science after due examination. When are you completing your course? I will love to be your first patient, if you agree.

    Take care

    1. I agree that forming a regulatory body can definitely improve the condition and mal practices by so-called quacks!
      and my course completion still has time, so u got to be 'patient' :P and there r few who have already made it to the list of being my patients earlier but u can definitely hold on to some 9 or 10th place :D hope that alright!

    2. hello, I would like to add something here.The homoeopaths in india are registered under the CCH(central concil of homoeopathy), a statutory body under ministry of health and family welfare.All qualified doctors after completing 5.5 yrs of education including 1 yr of compulsory internship in various departments are allowed to practice only after receiving a permanent registration no. by the govt. of india! :)

    3. preeti mam no doubt CCH is present but still the rules arnt stringent enough to curb the ever sprouting quacks. The CCH only provides regstration for the qualified physicians but it does little to create awareness for the masses to only get themselves treated only by those who r well qualified!

  2. hey that's nice ... even my mausi is a homeopathy doctor... we all blv in homeopathy.. good luck with ur studies !

  3. hahaha...thats very nice creating awareness for Homeo is good..

  4. Homeopathy is forgotten science. I shouldn't say forgotten, not-so famous would be better. The advances in science shows much improvement in the health issue but what they tend to forget is about the side effects, which are clearly not available in homeopathy.

    My mom uses homeopathy and is pretty confident on it and far better than the pills and liquids. And also she recommends her friends too to prefer homeopathy to those pills.

    Just that some people are ignorant doesn't mean that this subject of study is totally obsolete. So, keep them coming and educate the ignorant.

    Btw, Nicely written.

    1. There was a time when homoeopathy was a main line medical science much like allopathy today. but then, the popular attracts the masses and thing jumbled up!
      I knw, the only way by which v can bring up homoeopathy again is by creating awareness. thnk u so much :)

  5. And the best question is
    Ismen surgery bhi hoti hai?
    And then u have to explain why u study surgery....hahaha......

    1. lol..yes! I forgot to put that in my post..but surely a very irritating but common question that one encounters!

  6. well i think there are lot of quacks and bogus people who say they are doctors and doing homeopathic medicine so that is why people think it is some kind of child play...otherwise i think it is one of the most difficult field to study and there are very few real homeopathic doctors present in any place... best of luck for your BHMS :)

    1. yup, that one of the main reasons for the down fall of homoeopathy. people find it so easy to read the materia medica's and prescribe without proper knowledge and experience.
      being a BHMS student i knw, it is indeed a difficult and vast field. thnk u so much for ur wishes :)

  7. Man some people just dont get it. I chose law and still people ask me did I do so coz I was a poor student in school. They think only the students with bad marks and no options remaining go for it.

    1. yes, that is the mindset of people in India. everything is simply judged on ur marks and results. Sigh!

  8. That is lovely, lauding the subject you are majoring,. For me, life was a bitter line of twists and turns before I could even figure out what i was cut out for.. :)

    something that I penned 7 months ago :

    Cheers! Do stop by my blog - Kappu!

    1. yes, being in homeopathy i consider it my responsibility to create awareness among people to know the benefits of this system :)
      Will read ur post for sure!

  9. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Blogger by Passion

    I commend you for the direction you have taken in life. Studying is not easy. My best wishes to you in your future endeavors. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Thnk u so much for ur appreciation and wishes :)

  10. This was a great read. Homeopathy is lucky, it got you :P

    1. haha..m honoured to say the least ;) thnks yara!

  11. "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident". I loved this quote. In fact, this can be applied to so many other spheres of life too.

    Nicely written, Doc :-)