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Friday, May 27, 2011

A letter to my Anatomy book!

Dear Anatomy book,

How are you? Rather I should inquire how are you enjoying the excess attention being poured upon you now a days? Aglowing at your astute job..isn't it? Don't smile, this won't last long! Now, that you have been dusted off and opened , will you please explain me why on earth are you so complicated? They very sight of you is so tortuous and tiring?!

Can't those so-called accomplished writers use a more comprehensible language? something that is lucid and interesting. To give an example . We all know where stomach lies in our body, don't we? One could simply say that it lies in the left in the abdominal region but when you say that stomach lies 'obliquely in the upper and left part of abdomen, occupying epigastric, umbilical and left hypochondriac region' are you expecting me to consent with it? Your fondness to entangle terms to present definitions which undefine all my logics and makes my head sway!

The moment I sit down to study, I realize that the only quality possessed by you is your soporific effect. That's what works best on me at least! And those depressing diagrams, you should have consulted a better artist in my opinion, they look so ugly and shapeless, I wish I could have dissected my college cadaver to show you the REAL 'work of art'!

If I were on my own, I'd file a complain against you and your moronic writers for robbing and corrupting the Latin language. If gall bladder is known as it is, who on earth gifted you the right to mention sphincter of Gall bladder as 'choledochus' ? Damn! you are so confused every single time, in every single line ! alternating English with Latin and Latin with Roman as if it were your engagement rings!

Do you have even a grain of consideration for the poor students? We are struggling already with physiology and bio chem, our partners and their tantrums and you the unsympathetic selfish book pile up on the study table make our life's more miserable?

Remember one thing.. you and I are never meant to be together, I would rather commit myself to 'dawgs' than to you!
And please stop buttering my gullible teachers, they seem to speak and understand only the language that you speak! I need to pass and I wrote this letter for that very purpose, am ready to grin and bear it for a while but you need to adjust too.
And If you try to act smart I will humiliate you as bad as those examiners do us in the vivas. Guess, that's a warning good enough.

yours unfortunately and unwillingly
(with a bone in hand)


  1. Well, you certainly have hurt so many noble souls religious emotions. Nerds won't like it Sarah. :P

  2. lol. exact wrd- 'Bhadaas'! :D
    yaar jus got done wid my exams n i felt d exact same way wid my books too. n d funny thing is all dis depression kicks in only a day b4 d exam.
    feelings of ye jeevan kya hai? wat am i goin to do wid d degree? do i even need it? allll of dem enter ur sane mind wen u ought b drownin in studies like sambar in idli.
    mine is over tho so nt to worry for at least six months Inshallah!
    good luck jheloing urs! :)

  3. hehe.. that was one of the reason of mine not going for bio, I simply can't remember all those witty names. Nice read :)

  4. LOL, okay I understand the soporific effect, its actually the same effect I had been reeling for 4 years. There is some respite now, as I am through. But even after having described the exact location of the stomach, I have just a few questions: What are these "epigastric, umbilical and left hypochondriac" regions? :P

    All the best Sarah. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. lol...Sarah...funny...great post...

  6. prateek - no! they wont be hurt..take my words! anatomy is a kind of subject that vexes everyone alike..there can be no other opinion on it :P

    sadiya -! 'bhadaas' is actually d apt wrd! And wen i wrote it , i reallyyy felt so much thot of sharing it with others to help them squeeze out their frustrations too :) and needless to say..m veryyy jealous of u rite ow, koi nahi mere bhi aise din aa jayenge Inshallah :D

  7. Rachit - U r one intelligent man..that wht i can say in d least right now ;) thnks newys!

    Anshul - haha! the abdominal region is divided into different parts and they r the names of these parts! lucky that u r through..i to have a longg way to go still :( thnks 4 d wishes :)

    SUB - thnks so much..ur pleasure, my pain ;(

  8. I really enjoyed the read - Thanks! My wife is a nurse and is working towards her masters degree... I can remember her journey through her A&P courses. Vogon Poetry if you ask me... But I'll ask her to read this... well done.

  9. hahahahhahahaha......lovelyyyyy yar 1st of all hats off to your vocabulary which is no way ess in competetion to anatomy book. then the flow of ur letter so sheepishly describing the pain of a student.... :)
    take my word if anatomy book cud have heard u, it woud committ suicide out of guilt ;)

  10. scoop - glad u liked it..and m sure ur wife will enjoy it more for obvious reasons :P welcome to d blog and looking forwrd to her visit too :)

    Rahul - hehe...i soo baddlyyy wish that ur words somehow come true and it commits of poor medicos will be saved! as for the patients..well, that i cant say much on tht;)

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  12. when reading I felt like watching a scene of Munnabhai MBBS .. :)

  13. lolz....superb post..."puri bhadaas nikal di".....i always hated bio...n chucked it in 11th only...but trust me engineerin is equally bad....:(...neways best of luck...hope anatomy has some mercy on u...:)

  14. This is the reason why I admire medicine students so much. They have to memorize every single thing in that anatomy book including bladder cancer causes , heart problems, and all those sicknesses.

  15. I have to agree people who are taking up medicine should be honored. Thanks.

  16. I have to say, I understand exactly what you mean. Thanks for the entertaining post, brings me back to my student days.

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