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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Band Baaja Beauty! My Envy Box- July'2016 Review

Wouldn't it be great to see a box full of specially curated, fabulous beauty products knock your doorstep every month? 

It might sound unreal to some but My Envy Box is designed to give you just the same. 

It is your portion of luxury sized and latest beauty samples in a beautiful and elegant box, reaching you every single month!

This month's box (July'2016) has been curated by Wed Me Good and happens to be a monsoon wedding special kinda edition. It has been rightly named a 'Band Baaja Beauty' box! 

Before proceeding to the contents of the box, let's have a first look (I know, you are as excited as I am!) 

      First look- Wedding special Box

I was totally mesmerised by the vibrant pinkish hue and golden detailing. 

Now, was the time to open the magical box. 
So here we go . . .

              On opening the box

On opening, I saw these 3 cards first

The first one called as 'Band Baja Beauty wedding check list' mentions the contents of the box and how can we put them into use. 
It also mentions the full size as well as Envy Sample and price of a full size product. 

         Card with wedding checklist

This gives you a fair idea of not just the products you receive every month but also their prices. 

The second card mentions the ongoing 'I love my Envy box contest' wherein you need to take a selfie with your Envy Box and post it on facebook and Instagram tagging your friends to win some exciting goodies! Sounds fun, right? 
And on the other side of the same is a discount offer their Olivia Dar Edition. 

The third card is actually a 'tippy tippy tap' game we used to play as kids. Remember? 
This one is to help you plan you wedding day with a help of Wed Me Good and their app. It also provides you  a few tips regarding wedding preperations while you play this nostalgic game. 

   Tippy tap helps you plan your D-Day

After reading and enjoying the game for a while, I moved ahead to check out the beauty products offered by this month's box.


                   SkinYoga Foot scrub

What is it? 

A beautifully yellowish tinted powdered foot soak, it is aimed to relieve you of aching and burning feet. 
This foot soak helps to de-tan and de-stress feet and muscles and also help clean. 
To my delight, the product is fragrance, preservatives and paraben-free. 

Why in this box? 

Since this is a wedding edition, a foot care product is obviously indispensable.
Hours of shopping, sitting, walking for that perfect trousseau and dress trials. Also, long sangeet and pre-wedding party nights make your feet the most vulnerable yet neglected part indeed. 


Size: 100g
Price: Rs. 695 for 100g

This full size sample will easily last me for as many as 8-10 soaks.

My verdict?

Loved it totally. A must have in every bride's de-stressing box. 


          Kerastase Fragrant Hair oil

What is it? 

A gorgeously scented hair perfume with a combination of fragrances of Tea Rose, Light Woods and Musk. It is alcohol free and claims to make your luscious locks not just smell amazing but also shiny and smooth. 

Why in this box? 

All eyes are on the bride on her D-Day. Which means she needs to take care of her skin and manes well in advance. 
A few drops of this soothing oil will nourish the strands and give them a good shine. 
Even after the wedding, this fragrant oil will help keep the monsoon's unpleasant smells at bay, thanks to this product. 


Size: 3ml
Price: Rs. 5,600 for 120ml

This vial is good for 3-5 uses. 

My Verdict? 

Well, to be honest I had never thought of the importance of a fragrant oil but using too many styling products at ones leaves my hair not just dull and dry looking but also an amalgamation of too many unpleasant smells. 
This one is a definite product to have in your box. 


                 Kama Face Scrub

What is it? 

A face scrub which is formulated with as many as 12 precious ingredients like saffron, almond, lotus, Goat's milk, Glycerin etc. 
It claims to smoothen fine lines, even out skin tone and give a lovely bridal glow to your skin. 

Why in this box? 

A glowing skin is every bride's ultimate desire and she spends endless days, nights and money to achieve that prior to her wedding day. 
A blend of all natural ingredients, this scrub will help you achieve all of that and in a skin friendly way. 


Price: Rs.995 for 50g

This tube would last for about 4-5 uses. 

My verdict?

The best part about this scrub is, its Ayurvedic with no harsh chemicals in it. 
Most of us these days are extremely cautious about our skin specially the face products one uses and so an all natural product is definitely a welcome breeze. 

However, I would have loved to receive a bigger sample of this one. 


                Kama Hand Cream

what is it?

It is an enriching hand cream made with organic cold pressed sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, Aloe Vera etc.
This hand cream is aimed to reduce dryness and also nourish, soften your hands. 

Why in this box? 

Well manicured hands are a bride's delight and onlookers too.
This cream with all natural ingredients will give you lovely and soft hands so that your rings and mehendi looks even prettier. 


Size: 5g
Price: Rs.645 for 60g

This tube will last for 4-5 uses. 

My verdict?

The cream smell great and is extremely nourishing too. 
It does not sticks to your hands after applying and yet retains the desired moisture. 

I wished the quality would have been a bit more but never mind!


     Glow Gulnare Shimmering Dry Oil

What is it? 

This is a light-weight, amazingly scented and subtly shimmery body oil to give you a sun-kissed bronzed look. 
It is a dry oil which means it will not leave an oily feel on your skin yet moisturise, scent and bronze it evenly and beautifully. 

Why in this box? 

To add perks to your nicely toned, freshly waxed and glowing skin making it irresistible to touch;)
A sun-kissed bronzed glow is something which so many of us aspire to get and is made so simple and easy with this absolutely awesome shimmering dry oil. 


Size: 60ml
Price: Rs. 1,250 for 60ml

This full size sample will be sufficient for around 10-15 uses. 

My verdict?

My favourite product in this month's box!  This has got a very subtle shimmer and fragrance and lives upto its claim of giving a envy worthy bronzed glow.

And now, last but not the least

Why I think you should subscribe for this amazing beauty box...

- Every Women deserves her monthly iota of beauty and love. My Envy Box will shower you with it month after month with new products making you feel special and beautiful that you are, inside and out! 

- Its a steal deal! Why? Because a monthly subscription which costs about Rs. 850 is worthy of almost double the amount every month with many deluxe sized and full sized samples.

- The box is designed to give you a wide range of beauty products and samples ranging from hair care, skin, perfumes, make up and much more. 
Which means literally having a whole beauty world on your palette err box :P

- It keeps you updated of the latest products in the market. Things which you may have missed and brands which might cater your needs and desires. 

- My Envy Box is itself a lovely designed box in vibrant colours and motifs which is a great item worthy of re-use to keep your jewellery, nitty-gritty. A pure delight for collectors! 

At last, I believe that the money spend on grooming ourselves and maintaining the lovely you is worth every penny.  

And this envy-worthy box is a best step towards a confident, radiant you each month. 

To subscribe, gift or simply have a look, check out 

Any other queries? Let me know in the comments! 

Be gorgeous. Be you.

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