I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"let's live our story"

They were sitting in an open ground facing the tall, illuminated buildings far away. She had always admired this weather, night and the flickering stars. The night sky was full of them, shimmering brightly and telling her dreams and those lesser known mysteries of life. Moon was never a sight of her attraction, maybe that's why it stayed away and appeared 'crescent'.

 She could feel him sitting quietly besides her,could clearly sense him eying her but she dared not look at him. ' 'He', who was just like those stars- so known yet a mystery.

"Try as much as you want, forgetting me isn't possible for you"! he suddenly broke off the soft silence.
She turned to him,almost unprepared for it and their eyes met, only a fraction and she was quick to alter her gaze.

"Remembering you does no good either" ! she was quick to retaliate.

"not everything in life is absolute. Stop being so judgmental"

"I am not! I simply cant accept all the greys under the pretext of being liberal". said she.

"To me, it sounds unreal and too perfect to be true". he remarked pensively.

She was taken aback, like a thief who has been held guilty. He looked at her. She looked innocent even in those moments of disappointments. For him her every word, every gesture, even the way she blinked was a sight of ecstasy!

He smiled a knowing smile and said 'see this is working out. Its making sense'

'but how? I need to submit it tomorrow and there is so much more to be completed' she spoke distressingly.

'umm..lets see! I think the lady need to be more vocal'
'but girls are supposed to be shy and silent, no?' she queered.

'haha, silent girls are a rarity now! look at yourself? he vainly tried to hide the mischievous smile and moved closer, making her feel the distances melting away.

"so what can be done" she spoke distractedly.
His presence had always aced her heart beats and today particularly she was finding it very difficult to let her self not go astray.

"we can start afresh and who knows your story might take up a new turn" he winked.

"afresh? are you serious?" her voice now validated how badly she wanted to give up.

"lets live our story"

she looked up in apprehension, he gave her his hand. Looking straight in her eyes with a gaze she couldn't resist, her heart beating uncontrollably and her thought spitting away, drowning in those eyes, leaving everything behind.

'the dance scene?' he whispered.

They swayed in silence for hours, stars watching them curiously.

They danced without music yet their beats synchronized each step. They spoke nothing yet she knew 'the best story was being written between them, right now'!

PS : I don't know if this post makes any sense. However I was just trying to end a story on a happy note at least for once. So this is my first story with a happy ending, apparently :P


  1. I loved it .... the best story written between them ... very sweet tale :-)

  2. I all went really well. Good going (y)

  3. A very good tale. I liked it. Today, I would like to tell you that you write well. Some good conversation there :)


    1. thank you for your kind words. coming from a the solitary writer, it means a lot actually :P :)

  4. Wow, you have a beautiful way with words and a beautiful sense of writing, my beautiful friend..Keep it up...Loved reading your post..It was flawless and very mature.

    1. hey! good to have you on my blog:) I was rather skeptical while posting this one, thank you so much for these words of appreciation..means a lot :D