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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A stylish app for stylish people ;)

Women love talking.Women love being stylish and fashionable.Women love discussing the latest trends and getting dressed up. And when all this combines on an enjoyable app like WeChat am sure no miss would wanna give it a miss!

So I invited my dear darlings (actually there were so many drooling to get into the group I tell you, from Aishwarya Rai Bachan to Kate winslet. From Madhuri Dixit to Marilyn Monroe. From Snow White to cindrella and many more and with WeChat I could have added up to 40 people at the same time, cool no?! but they all were REJECTED baby!)

Now WHY this group you asking me? well, sweetheart these amazing fashionistas would be providing me and girls of today advice and tips on how to look good. The essentials of elegance and spicing up our style quotient a bit. 
There would be glamour and gossip, tricks and tips, from liners to lipsticks, bags to jewellery- all secrets would be OUT!!

And secondly,  A stylish and smart app like WeChat deserves sexy and sizzling damsels like us. Right?
what more could you ask for? we gonna be head turners right away *jumping with excitement*

For now its time to let you introduce to the TOP 7 STYLE DIVAS in my group and later chat and tea :D Here we go....

COCO CHANEL - well if you are asking me who is she then you don't deserve being in my group EVER!
My group would have been incomplete without this women, unarguably the most fashionable women the world has ever seen. The only fashion designer to be named on Time's 100 most important people of the century.
 Coco Chanel brought about such staples of the fashion world as the 'little black dress' and her famous tweed jackets, with monochrome being a signature trend- many trends we see today are still influenced by Coco Chanel and her practical, elegant style. 
So she is a part of my group and am loving it!

QUEEN RANIA OF JORDAN - she has been deemed one of the most beautiful women across the globe and also to the list of Forbes's 100 most powerful women twice.
 Known for elegant, flowing dresses, her fashion sense has made her a modern trendsetter specially of the Middle East. She sure deserves to be in this group!

CARRIE- Sarah Jessica Parker's character in sex and the city - oh well, she was a little reluctant but who could refuse me? So my dear carrie roped in.
She is one helluwa style icon! Her fashion choices are irrelvant and striking. The one area of fashion she truly sets a trend in is, however, footwear. following sex and the city, heels were the hottest footwear around and every women craved a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos.

PRINCESS DIANA - who could forget her philanthropy, kindness and scandals surrounding her marriage: Shh...Lets stick to style as of now. She had an unerring sense of style that influenced a generation of women.
From her early days in the limelight as shy and blushing nursery school teacher, and afternoons spent at the polo, to figure-skimming dresses by Versace and Catherine Walker- the Princess of Wales had to be in my group!
And well, am planning to add KATE MIDDLETON (her daughter-in-law) soon too. what say?

SONAM KAPOOR - she is elegance personified. She is definitely a fashionista, a risk taker who brings a fresh air with her style and panache.She is on the Vogue's June,2013 edition twice and looks great!
Even her character from the movie 'Aisha' was a style monger and I couldn't have included both so I asked her and she so willingly joined.

CLEOPATRA - The ancient Egyptian pharoah began her rule around 69 BC.She was quite an exotic beauty and her Hollywood portrayals have been so many but historians describe her as a 'mistress of disguise and costume', who often reinvented herself to suit any occasion. 
Sounds like a power dresser to me!

SADHNA SHIVDASANI - haven't you heard of the famous 'sadhna cut'?  well it was sadhna herself who introduced the fringe hairstyle in Indian film industry in her first film Love in Shimla. 
The style became a rage with girls in India and is still known by the same name. Shivdasani is also credited for bringing in fashion tight churidar-kurta.
 She gracefully changed the concept of traditional loose salwar kameez and that's why I love to have her in my group.

Time for a group chat on WeChat. I asked them all to download it from the website. Sonam was a little busy in shoots so she would be sending in voice messages. The awesome new feature of WeChat.

COCO - hey girls! how are you? This app called WeChat seems so stylish. Isn't it?

ME - hey coco! yup it is. check out the emoticons. They are so cool. By the way, your necklace looks so hawtttt;)

PRINCESS DIANA - hello everyone. Greetings from the royal family:)

SADHNA  - Namaskar! greeting from my side too. 

SONAM - sends a voice message!  >>>>> hey people! you all look beautiful. I will be back in 5min from my shoot. pardon please.

CARRIE - no problem honey! we are waiting. helloooo beauties!

CLEOPATRA - Am too confused! such things didn't exist in my time:/

 I will send voice messages too, typing is so difficult. phew!

QUEEN RANIA -  This app is intriguing indeed! I am connecting from my PC to your phones, WeChat lets us do that too!

CARRIE - does it? wow! I have always found my PC better than these smart phones!

ME - am so very glad to have you all in my group. Told you na Wechat is no less smart then us :P


COCO -  I was wondering the Wechat is indeed no less a fashionista than us!

CLEOPATRA- Sends a voice message >>> absolutely Coco! Its stylish, smart, classy and elegant

QUEEN RANIA - beauty with brains;)

PRINCESS DIANA - I love the colour greeeeennn in the WeChat background. So soothing and nature loving :D

SADHNA - I love green too !!

.....And the conversations go on......

We discuss style. Talk about the latest trends. There is humour. There is fun.We have our opinions and view points but there is one thing which all of us unanimously agree and that is 

WeChat is the coolest place to converse and connect. classy. 
WeChat is the latest 'GLOBAL FASHION ICON'
A stylish app for stylish people. Isn't it? :)

This post has been written for WeChat and Indiblogger. Check  the WeChat page for more details.


  1. Arey, tum WeChat par kitna posts likhega? Kya saara prizes tum hi le jayega kya......hum gareebon ke pate pe laat mat maaro :O


    Nice post, btw

    1. haha..this is the first time i wrote more than one post for a contest. dont worry aisa kuch nai hoga...:)) thnks btw